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  Everyday Preppers
Sun 5th November 2017   
Did you know that your ancestors were preppers?

I'm not talking of Doomsday Preppers, no. I'm talking of common sense people who did not have access to a 24/7 open Super Market or a 30 minutes guarantee Pizza Delivery Service.

  Upgradable hardware
Sat 12th August 2017   
These days it looks like more and more people think that maybe we should be a bit more conscious regarding how we treat our environment.

This is good.

Unfortunately, there are still people buying things that cannot be repaired or upgraded.

This is not good.

Wed 17th May 2017   
There are quite many similarities between writing software and building hardware.

In both case you cannot really do a good job at it until you actually get to know most of the requirements, which is why we generally use plans, models or prototypes: They help us understand what has to be done.

In this particular case, the issue was the way we built the storage containers at the back of the car.

  Creature Comfort
Sun 23rd April 2017   
In a camper van, comfort is important.

A comfortable bed, air circulation and blinds are definitely important, but it's often the small things that makes the difference.

  20 years of Defence Force
Sat 15th April 2017   
I discovered Internet in 1995 when I joined Adeline Software.

We did not have internet at the university so it was with great interest I started poking at the Windows 3.1 machine running NCSA Mozaic in the company meeting room.

We only had one email address for the entire company, one of these long numerical

  Oric graphics in details
Sat 8th April 2017   

This article was first written in July 2002 as a 'how to' for the artists working on our first big Defence-Force demo, was translated to english in 2005, but was never really officially published until today.