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  How to not upgrade an Ubuntu server
Mon 22nd March 2010   
In February last year I decided to extend by having a secondary server in my home. That's the reason why I originally bought the VIA Artigo A2000, I wanted something small and silent I could put in a corner and forget. After a bit more than one year of usage I can say I'm globally satisfy with the choice.

Ok, the machine is not that silent, as a desktop is quite slow, but as a file/multimedia box/SVN server it's doing its job.

  How to learn linux by setting up a server
Mon 23rd February 2009   
As some of you already know, I decided that Windows Vista was not for me. The number of things that displeased me from Microsoft was large enough to make me seriously consider changing entirely of operating system. Which is why I considered Linux: Mac OS seems cool, but jumping from a proprietary system to another one just seemed very silly.